Six Summit Camps
Having experienced many nights on the Lakeland summits, I now don’t get the same pleasure when pitching on the lower slopes, or even worse, in the presence of a tarn. This of course is a personal preference, but there’s no better feeling than unzipping the tent door to witness the early morning majestic delights of summit camping. It could be your first inversion, your first Broken Spectre, or simply the best sunrise you’ve ever seen; whatever warms your soul, you’ll never forget the feeling of isolation above life’s problems below.

The following links will provide you with maps that include routes, water source and pitch locations, plus many pictures to inspire you to try my six favourite summit camps.

High Stile  2 Grasmoor  3 Great End  4 Scafell  5 Pike O’Stickle  6 Pillar

The Naked Truth?
You feeling cold in your sleeping bag? Please click the link below to read my personal views on this heavily debated topic about layering up or sleeping naked.

The Naked Truth?

When I pitch on a summit, I can guarantee 100% that I cause no environmental damage or leave any trace that I even existed. I don’t leave litter or make fires, and as for toilet issues, I’ve only gone twice in 7 years of walking the Lakeland Fells. It’s all about using common sense and respecting the area. Before I start my descent, I always look back to see what impact I’ve left, and like I said, I can guarantee 100% that it is zero every time.

The following link is a post about my number one hate on the Lakeland Fells. Litter is a disease that only education can cure.

The Less Educated